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Our Sponsors

Logs Direct have sponsored Community Pizza Events many times and it has been a great help to us. Here are a few words from them on choosing fuel.

Treat Logs and Charcoal as Menu Ingredients

The recent boom in outdoor or indoor pizza oven purchase continues , however fuel (logs & charcoal) still seems to be the forgotten ingredient.

Quality is the secret to delivering great food cooked with a real flame or hot coals and, to access that, look no further than Logs Direct. The company scans and tours the globe to source the best restaurant cooking solutions and even invests in its own product development, to ensure it offers the very best options for those eating from ‘forno’ to fork.

Leonardo – the super-efficient, 100% compressed beech wood briquette is the carefully perfected ‘descendant’ of other free-from, easy-to-store boxed briquettes, created with pizza oven owners in mind. With no additives, glues or noxious chemicals, it’s absolutely perfect for those making food safety a top priority. Meanwhile, reduced oven roll, due to an oxygen-flow-friendly six-sided design plus an under-8% moisture content, ensures this Smoke Control Area-compliant log combusts brilliantly. It generates long-lasting embers, to help keep the oven temperature up, but practically no ash, ensuring ovens stay clean.

Match this food-safe wood up with a Logs Direct paraffin-free, eco-firelighter, made from wood strips and wool soaked in clean candle and beeswaxes, and your food will taste a treat.

For slimline, dense beech logs to suit even compact ovens, turn to ‘Piccolo’. Extra-dry and dense, these have a great heat output and burn hot and long – with very little ash again. Meanwhile, regular kiln dried Alder logs are still in popular demand at Logs Direct, so you can create pizza just as authentically as any Italian chef.

Barbecue chefs have long warmed to Logs Direct’s restaurant-grade charcoal. All options in the range, from standard to premium lumpwood charcoal, are selected to make sure the coals light easily, get up to temperature fast and produce long-lasting and great quality heat, without the bi-product of lots of ash and mess. Easy to handle and store, Logs Direct charcoal is a number one choice for many chefs putting grilled foods on the menu.

If you’re now fired-up and ready to try products out, visit www.logsdirect.co.uk or call 01524 812476 to speak to the family-run business always happy to offer advice at no extra charge.