Pizza In The Park 2023

Pizza In The Park 2023

Remember this?

We had sunshine, pizza, music and much more.

We got so lucky with the weather last year. Thanks to everyone who helped make such a success of this event and for everyone who turned up, ate pizza, sat in the sun and also danced. We had such a good time.

We served 300 pizzas, ice creams, beers and wines and we raised £8,500!
Difficult to thank everyone, but we do thank everyone. Here are a few worthy mentions.

We had some very big donations too, thanks for you generosity, it will make a difference for years to come.

Mark, Will, David, Jack, Kennedy, Cath; preparing and cooking the pizza for Community Pizza Events. This team worked until midnight the night before mixing the dough and then were back at it from 6am the next morning.

To Mike and Bowland brewery for the bar.

Fraser and Brakes for helping source all our ingredients.

Andrew for MCing and the FA for the setup and the gazebos.

Janine for the last minute ice-cream setup.

Emma for pushing the raffle and to Lancaster Council for supplying us with some prizes.

To all our local musicians for giving their time.

Boogie Bill.

Thanks to Jean for the electricity.

To our sponsors: HotFoot Design, Shipton Mill, Logs Direct,

Our wonderful band, Telex Sun and our DJ Kris.